The Little Sisters of Hoboken are coming to Milford this spring in the Marysburgh Mummers production of Nunsense.

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This heavenly musical comedy features five nuns, hungry for the spotlight, who find themselves in a predicament when their cook, Sister Julia – Child of God accidentally poisons 52 of their fellow sisters. When the convent’s first in charge, Reverend Mother Regina, splurges on a big screen TV, the remaining Sisters find themselves strapped for cash, as they still have four dead nuns to bury (whose bodies are being stored in the kitchen freezer). What’s a Sister to do?

These five sinfully funny nuns take over an 8th grade production of Grease to help pay the burial costs for their sisters before the health department discovers their secret. Their variety show of music, dancing and comedy will have you falling out of your chair before the evening is over. Through their wacky and heartfelt performances the Little Sisters of Hoboken will prove that while they’re on their way to heaven, they’re here to raise some Hell.

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